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BONMi for You: Louisiana Flood Relief

BONMi For You Program launches with a successful effort to help Louisiana Flood Relief efforts.


A few weeks ago, we decided to do something to help our friends down south in Louisiana. As we all know areas around Baton Rouge were devastated by catastrophic flooding and they need help. The damages are still being assessed and people’s lives are facing great challenges. As is often the case, what is news one day is forgotten the next, especially when it comes to the media. That however does not mean that we as business owners and patrons need to forget.


Cold Brew Vietnamese Iced Coffee at BONMiOur initial connection to Louisiana was through the Café Du Monde coffee beans that help give our Cold Brewed Vietnamese Iced Coffee it’s fantastic flavor. When we saw how many lives were changed and the help that was (and still is) needed to rebuild, we wanted to create a platform for BONMi and our customers to get involved and help. Thus we created our BONMi For You! Program.


This program will be used to help raise awareness and funds for various causes and emergency efforts. Our initial program was our Louisiana Flood Relief Program which raised funds via the sales of our Cold Brewed Iced Coffee. We are proud to say that with our customers help and the help of our staff in letting everyone know about this important cause, we had a fantastic month of sales and will be sending funds to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation that will use the funds to help rebuild infrastructure and the personal lives of so many people who have been displaced.

BONMi For You! is one initiative that represents our goal to be a vital member of our immediate community and a contributing member of our greater society and culture. Thank you everyone for helping to contribute to our Louisiana Flood Relief program!