Cilantro at BONMi

To Cilantro or Not to Cilantro: A BONMi Question

Cilantro is the perfect example of culinary balance.

…and of personal taste. While many people love its burst of fragrance and flavor some simply do not. Our Chef Buddy says “50% of humans find cilantro tastes like soap but for those who love the flavor, it adds a brightness to all dishes that you just can’t replicate.”

At BONMi, our exotic blends of other traditional Vietnamese flavors are equally satisfying with or without the addition of the cilantro. If you love it, we’ll add it, if not, this mighty herb won’t be offended. After all it has a long history and doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Cilantro is the oldest herb used by humans.

Its scientific term is Polygonum odoratum. Research has noted that the soapy aftertaste that some people experience when eating this herb could be a matter of genes, stemming from genetic variants in olfactory receptors.

Vietnamese cuisine is all about tantalizing taste buds.

Vietnamese cuisine is all about tantalizing taste buds and at BONMi, that is an art as well as a science. On the artistic front, cilantro adds to the entire culinary experience of Vietnamese cuisine. It has a pleasant and piquant aroma. It’s slightly bitter taste serves as part of the perfect harmony of flavors; salty, sour, spicy sweet and bitter; that make of the principal of balance of Vietnamese cooking.

Sometimes art and science blend beautifully, and it’s good to know that humans have been on to something for a long time with cilantro. As well as an exotic addition to food, this aromatic herb is a source of the antioxidant rich phytochemicals lutein and zeaxathin. These phytochemicals offer incredible health and medicinal benefits, such as protection against UVB photo-aging and skin cancer. Cilantro’s anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties are used for detoxification and add to eye health, among other benefits.

BONMi proudly offers cilantro with all of our dishes. We are also happy for all of our offerings to go cilantro free. It’s always your choice!