BONMi pet friendly outdoor seating

BONMi Outdoor Seating is Pet Friendly

We have Pet Friendly Outdoor Seating

Every Dog has its Day

BONMi’s relaxing outdoor space across from Lincoln Center is Pet Friendly and the perfect place to enjoy some Vietnamese inspired food and a shady resting spot (and cool water) for your dog.

Vote Passed 60-0

This year, the New York City Health Department created new rules so restaurants like BONMi can invite our four-legged guests to sit safely with our two-legged guests. Previously dog owners were required to place their dogs outside of the patio railings of restaurants with outdoor seating. This created a sidewalk hazard for both pedestrians and dogs alike. Well, it is not an issue anymore in New York City thanks to Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal who sponsored the new bill that was approved in a vote 60-0.

While the dogs must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies to take a place at the table, the authorities will not insist on seeing your pet’s papers. Use you common sense to determine of your dog will relax by your side and enjoy the view, people and dog watch and admire the aroma of our noodles, salads and Vietnamese bowls. We will always have fresh water available for your dog.

How about Cat Owners?

This of course begs the question, ‘Are cat owners being left out? How about Guinea Pig or Rabbit owners?” The question has been raised and who knows maybe all quadrupeds will eventually be allowed to cozy up to their owner and watch them enjoy a Vietnamese Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee and a Tofu Bahn Mi. But not yet, the 2016 bill is limited to dogs. Hey, its a start and a long overdue start at that.

So when you are walking your best friend around Lincoln Center, take a break from the heat and relax at BONMi.